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Last Update Friday, August 19th, 2022
Tanker 104 drops a load of retardant on the Rum Creek Fire on Thursday afternoon. The fire, which was burning atop a ridge that looms above Rainie Falls on the Wild section of the Rogue River, was the scene of a tragedy later in the day when a firefighter was killed by a falling tree.

The call came into the Oregon Department of Forestry's dispatch center about 4 p.m. Thursday, from an incident commander on the Rum Creek Fire north of Galice.

"Break. Grants Pass, emergency traffic," the commander said over the radio.

"Go for emergency traffic," a dispatcher replied.

"This is Rum IC. I have a firefighter down, struck by a falling tree. He's unconscious at this time. I'm going to need air-med to fly him out at my location." Read More »

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Car crashes into historic Redwood Empire sign
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