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Jan. 12thDo you agree or disagree with Commissioner Dan DeYoung's decision to alter his oath of office before he was sworn in?view results
Jan. 8thDo you blame President Trump for Wednesday's violent riot at the U.S. Capitol?view results
Jan. 5thDo you think the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is behind us or do you think the worst is still to come?view results
Jan. 2ndWhat is your opinion about a proposal to open a homeless shelter at the corner of Seventh Street and Manzanita Avenue?view results
Dec. 29thDo you think the federal COVID-19 stimulus checks to individuals should be for $600 or $2,000?view results
Dec. 25thHave you dined outside at a local restaurant this month?view results
Dec. 22ndDo you see Russia as an ally of the United States, an adversary of the United States, or do you see Russia as neither of these things?view results