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Feb. 17thWill you support the ballot measure to raise property taxes by 93 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value to pay for the county jail and the juvenile shelter?view results
Feb. 14thDo you think Congress should appoint an independent counsel to investigate Michael Flynn, who resigned as President Trump's national security adviser this weekend over his contacts with the Russian government?view results
Feb. 10thDo you feel your most recent electric bill was unreasonably high?view results
Feb. 7thWhen you receive poor service at a restaurant, do you:view results
Feb. 3rdDo you think Josephine County should enact and enforce strict regulations on marijuana growing operations?view results
Jan. 31stDo you support President Trump's executive order to ban immigration from certain countries where Islam is the dominant religion?view results
Jan. 27thDo you support the proposal to establish an independent library district that would include only certain portions of Josephine County, rather than the entire county?view results