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Apr. 6thWhen would you feel comfortable going to a large-scale community event where hundreds of people are in attendance?view results
Apr. 1stHave you received your stimulus check yet?view results
Mar. 30thDo you think a third major political party is needed, or do you think the two-party system adequately represents the American people?view results
Mar. 26thHave you dined indoors locally since Josephine County was moved out of the "extreme risk" category?view results
Mar. 23rdDo you support or oppose the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package that President Joe Biden signed into law earlier this month?view results
Mar. 19thHave you traveled to another county or state specifically to take advantage of less restrictive COVID-19 rules?view results
Mar. 16thDo you think Josephine County's COVID-19 vaccination rate will be above or below 75% once the vaccine is widely available?view results