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Jun. 12thDo you agree with current U.S. policy that separates children from undocumented families that cross the border? view results
Jun. 8thShould Josephine County abandon its plan to privatize certain public health programs?view results
Jun. 5thDo you believe the president of the United States has the right to pardon himself of any federal crimes?view results
Jun. 1stDo you think local high schools should ban the use of cellphones during class?view results
May 29thWhat was your favorite part of Boatnik this year?view results
May 24thIn light of recent scandals, should Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt keep his job?view results
May 22ndShould the City of Grants Pass eliminate the monthly transportation fee ($3.59 for single-family residence) on water bills and replace it with a gasoline tax of 3 cents per gallon?view results