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Apr. 15thWhen Caveman Pool is closed down for good, should the city of Grants Pass build a new swimming pool facility to replace it?view results
Apr. 12thShould Josephine County end its use of pesticides to control roadside vegetation?view results
Apr. 9thIn your view, should the number of immigrants allowed into the U.S. be kept at its present level, increased or decreased?view results
Apr. 5thWhat is your opinion of a plan to add more days of horse racing this fall at Grants Pass Downs?view results
Apr. 2ndWould you favor abolishing the Electoral College in favor of a nationwide popular vote for the presidency?view results
Mar. 28thShould state lawmakers receive a raise in order to match legislative salaries to the estimated average income for individual residents of Oregon?view results
Mar. 26thDo you think the full report submitted by special counsel Robert Mueller on the Russia investigation should be released to the public?view results