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Last Update Friday, June 14th, 2024

Lawn signs, flags and placards are a traditional part of elections in America. They demonstrate the ongoing exercise of our First Amendment right to express our political preferences in a peaceful and respectful way. Read More »

West is standard-bearer for Republican ignorance
John West and his yes-man Mr. Baertschiger are pushing ignorance as a Republican Party platform item. The defunding of the conservative idea that is 4-H and the OSU Extension for being "woke" proves it. Read More »

Biden's immigration policy is a total disaster
In his first days occupying the Oval Office, Joe Biden with vengeance issued executive orders creating wide-open borders, ostensibly for humanitarian reasons, ignoring current law and policies that worked. Complete disregard for the collateral burdens and damage that his policies would create for the citizens of our nation. Read More »

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