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Last Update Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

A neighbor recently told me that her new neighbor had cut down 50 old-growth trees and installed a giant white greenhouse that was now her new skyline as viewed from her windows. She says the grow lights are on 24 hours a day and flood her house with orange light. Read More »

Morgan's clarification fell short of outright apology
It was refreshing to read "A clarification from Commissioner Lily Morgan" on the front page of the April issue of the Sneak Preview. Read More »

Democrats were there to assist the working class
How long would it take to count to $1 billion? Approximately seventy-nine years — a lifetime. Read More »

Bad time to be stuck with untrustworthy president
Fifty states fighting to get supplies that they need to fight this virus. Supplies are so limited that the states are fighting over what's available. This is a war that Trump instigated, and his lack of leadership has caused much harm. He's making all 50 states handle what he should be handling. Read More »

Let's use faith instead of fear to get through this
People of Grants Pass: In this time of trials, please use the time to reunite with family.  Read More »

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