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Last Update Sunday, February 19th, 2017

Federal timber harvests kept taxes artificially low
Mike Season writes that "feeding the beast is not the best answer" regarding the future request by law enforcement for "more" money ("Where is money going from property taxes?" Feb. 15). He states property taxes were much cheaper in Tuolumne County, Calif. Really? Cheaper than the lowest property tax rate in all of Oregon? Read More »

New commissioners embrace tax increase
Our new board of county commissioners is proving to be pro-more-government and pro-excessive-regulation. They also appear to be anti-private-property-rights. Read More »

Trump, not CNN, fired Michael Flynn
In light of the news that the Trump campaign engaged with Russian intelligence operatives, the double standard employed by the GOP is breathtaking. Republicans surely would not simply "move on" had Hillary Clinton behaved in such a manner. To suggest the "fake news" is responsible is disingenuous in the extreme and I would remind Donald Trump that he was the one who fired Michael Flynn, not CNN. I find the presidents behavior inexcusable and indefensible and I question his patriotism. President Trump works for the American people, not Vladimir Putin.  Read More »

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