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Last Update Friday, December 7th, 2018

Just got a New Year's present from my government mandated health insurance. My (individual) 2019 premium will be $941 per month with a $7,200 deductible. Last year's premium was $800 per month. Since I haven't exceeded the deductible in years, I've paid for all my health expenses (doctor visits, tests, etc.) plus the unused insurance. Read More »

Both un-American and an enemy of the people
I have inquired with the Republican Central Committee for acceptance. Before acceptance, I was asked to go over a brief "statement of beliefs" and to sign the statement called "Republican Ideals." Herewith, the list of "beliefs." Read More »

We're not being told the whole truth by the media
Why are there no banner headlines reading: "The economy is booming," "Unemployment reaches new low," "All-time low unemployment for minorities," "Wages are rising," "GDP is reaching new highs," "Small business start-ups are hitting new highs"? These headlines are true and might help heal instead of destroy. Read More »

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