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Last Update Friday, April 9th, 2021

As someone who has witnessed the intolerance and bigotry of growing up in Southern Oregon, learning of the I Resolve Movement, sadly, did not surprise me in the slightest. As a cisgendered female, I cannot begin to imagine the way that this "movement" has affected and will continue to affect transgender and nonbinary students in the district. Read More »

Harassment by market protesters is unwelcome
Last Saturday I went to the Growers' Market — apparently before all the commotion. There was a vehicle with a Planned Parenthood sign and a few people quietly standing beside the vehicle. I put some money in the donation box, they said thank you, and I went on. I was immediately accosted by a man who told me I had just done an evil thing. He continued harassing me, eventually yelling at me as I walked away. Read More »

Community can help keep the peace at market
My family has been a part of the Growers' Market for about 20 years. In the past, the market has peacefully coexisted with a variety of religious and political groups campaigning on the outskirts of market. I have no issue with the messages being preached. The issue is the behavior of a small group of aggressive and disruptive preachers and anti-abortion SaltShakers. The behavior includes shouting at people passing by, using megaphones or other amplifiers, partially blocking pathways, and use of graphic R-rated signs in a family-friendly market. Read More »

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