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Last Update Friday, October 20th, 2017

There's an emotional debate going on right now in Josephine County around cannabis farming and its effects. While there are loud voices on both sides of the debate, there has been one voice that has been thoughtful and measured, and that's the voice of our state representative, Carl Wilson. Read More »

Athletes shouldn't be knocked for kneeling
Former intelligence officer Janaye Ervin was reportedly punished by the Navy for not standing for the national anthem. In the case of an individual in active duty with the military services, I think it appropriate that standing and saluting the flag and the national anthem is not optional. A military person is in the service of the United States, and failure to demonstrate official support for the country is not acceptable. She has had the right to withdraw from military service; the military service has the right to discipline her. Read More »

We no longer deserve the Statue of Liberty
As an older citizen who observed, as a child, the hard work, the sacrifices, the determination and the courage of Americans that ultimately led to victory in World War II, I am bewildered by the country I live in today. The citizenry seems so angry, so fearful, and so self-absorbed. Read More »

Unhappy with Congress, not donating to party
The other day I received a letter in the mail asking for a donation to my political party. It is the second one I've received recently. Read More »

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