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Last Update Tuesday, November 24th, 2020

I am responding to the Daily Courier's Nov. 18 front-page story headlined, "Commissioners fighting governor's freeze." I called the commissioners' office the next morning to thank them for taking a stand on behalf of the citizens of Josephine County and local businesses. It's time to back our commissioners. They need our positive support.


Grants Pass

Read More »

Our brand of socialism is a variant: Americanism
Aaaahhhh! Russell Palmer stole my thunder. His Nov. 17 letter about socialism is almost a copy of mine.  Read More »

US had the hallmarks of an authoritarian regime
How to know if our democracy is turning into an authoritarian regime: Read More »

China's communists will take advantage of Biden
In his letter of Nov. 11, Randy Cort was 100% correct with the list of winners a Biden presidency will produce. The Chinese Community Party appropriately topped the list. It is far and away the biggest winner. Read More »

So we prioritize economy over community lives?
The Josephine County commissioners are moving forward with a resolution to effectively remove liability for those who feel that the COVID-19 "freeze" mandates set forth by the state are unnecessary due to a perceived low threat in Josephine County. Read More »

The return of political normalcy will be welcome
Donald Trump doesn't lose. Never has, never will. Any "setbacks" he has encountered have been caused by others, and they are always subject to retribution. The aftermath of the current election is a prime example. Four years ago, most Democrats, some independents, and even a few Republicans expressed serious concern about his ability to serve as president. Four years later and having been denied a second term, he is firing administration officials who weren't totally loyal and doing everything in their power to contest the results. His fantasy claims of widespread voter fraud are being refuted at every turn, but they are still being pursued by his pathetic pull-toy "legal team" while being aided and abetted by spineless Republican politicians and cheered on by misguided supporters. Read More »

Courier is biased in its reporting on government
I read with interest the Courier's recent article about the DA not pursuing charges in the Courier's staff "attack" at Reinhart Volunteer Park. I've also noticed the video of the "attack" has been up on the Courier's website for at least six weeks — longer than most. Read More »

Not all local restaurants are following guidelines
Recently, I went to a local restaurant to pick up a takeout order. In light of our governor's recent guidelines to reduce the spread of the virus and deaths, I was surprised the restaurant was open for indoor dining and nearly full. But what was more of a surprise was seeing one of our county commissioners there. Read More »

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