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Last Update Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017

Concerning the Daily Courier's Aug. 18 article about marijuana growers' vs neighbors' rights: Read More »

It may be time to change way we fight forest fires
As I was looking southwest on Saturday, Aug. 12, I thought it better to stay inside most of the day as the northeast winds were delivering smoke from numerous forest fires in our area. I thought, why is this happening every summer now? Read More »

When it comes to Trump, Courier lacks balance
The Daily Courier is to be commended for its balanced coverage of local issues such as commercial marijuana grows and Salem's poor treatment of Southern Oregon counties. I can tell you are attempting to present these issues in a way that would allow citizens to analyze the points of fact and come to an informed opinion based on the merits of the argument. Read More »

Newspaper's defense of First Amendment great
Mr. Stoddard, I am not writing to express a political viewpoint, although having been raised in a one Democrat, one Republican household, I have many. I wanted to compliment you on your stand for a fair-minded press and a voice of reason. I have subscribed to the Daily Courier for about 19 years and must say that your viewpoints regarding full and fair coverage have been highly refreshing and endlessly welcome. I applaud your bravery and your wonderfully written editorials. Please keep defending our very important First Amendment. Read More »

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