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Last Update Thursday, February 21st, 2019

Time for Congress to put country before party
Time to stop the BS. I think it's time for our Congress and the president to stop their petty bickering and do the job they were elected to do. Time for everyone to pull up their big girl panties and govern, stop this daily BS, and actually get something done besides playing King of the Hill. Read More »

'Run for the Law' supports county public safety
Since the loss of federal revenue in 2012 for Josephine County's criminal justice operations, how to replace this revenue or function without it has been a hot-button issue discussed extensively in this newspaper. Read More »

Lack of common sense by police in cat-trapping case
I am a Canadian visiting Grants Pass. Coming from a country that is "too free," I was dismayed to read the excellent article in the Daily Courier, "Local woman threatened with prosecution after trapping neighbor's cat — on her property" (Feb. 13). Read More »

Building housing for homeless is a bad idea
Why in the world would anyone entice more homeless people to move here by building them housing? There are "help wanted" signs all over Grants Pass, but why work when you can reap all the benefits of food and housing without working? We barely pass sheriff's budgets, can't get budgets for our overcrowded schools, the city needs a ton of dollars to expand, yet we're going to get more freeloaders in Josephine County. Someone better think this out before they start pounding nails. Read More »

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