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Last Update Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

I'd like to say a few words to the owners and managers of local commerce. I've been watching for weeks your employees wearing or barely wearing their masks. Some businesses have signs promising us that your employees are required to wear masks. I don't think uncovered noses, under the chin or dangling from an ear count. You don't seem to care much about the compliance of your own rules. Read More »

With hardship accusation, Fowler is weak and smug
Thanks to reporter Shaun Hall for highlighting Commissioner Darin Fowler's disconnect from reality. Fowler challenges that local economic hardship from COVID-19 is fake news. It's pathetic that Fowler, a previous mayor and a current commissioner, is so unaware of the community he has committed to serve.  Read More »

Fowler's remarks show he's clearly out of touch
I am deeply disturbed and personally offended by the callous remarks made by Darin Fowler.  Read More »

Postal workers help connect us to the world
To all postal employees, please accept my very sincere "thank you" for your diligence and care in the processing of our community's postal needs! Read More »

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