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Last Update Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020

I see the Fish and Wildlife Commission is going to revisit the idea of stopping the limited harvest of wild steelhead on the Rogue River. Last year, the commission changed it from five per year to three per year. In January, one fish per day 24 inches or longer below Hog Creek. In February, one fish per day 24 inches or longer above Hog Creek. Then it continued through April. Read More »

Crumb rubber doesn't belong where kids play
After reading a letter here some time ago, I started to think of an answer to the writer's "teaching question." Like a Japanese koan with no wrong answer, the author leads us to seek subjective answers to the unknown. Read More »

Universal health care needs to happen — now
The current health care system is broken. High deductibles, copays, high premiums and the high cost of drugs. Too many people who have no insurance, and my friends cannot afford their insulin or any drugs, are the problems.  Read More »

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