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Last Update Thursday, October 17th, 2019

I think that the ballot measure to create a new separate fire protection district for properties inside the Grants Pass city limits is a very bad idea. (Not to be confused with a possible proposal to create one in the county, which I believe is a very good idea.) Read More »

Plenty of reasons to vote 'no' on city fire district
I find it interesting that the city has put the fire department up to a vote of the people to move to its own agency. Up front, the city mentions added cost to the taxpayer, so some honesty at least. Read More »

The city should not sell River Road Reserve land
I am writing in response to the recent article on the River Road Reserve. Read More »

Nonprofit group thanks a generous community
Pregnancy Care Center of Grants Pass extends its sincere gratitude to all who attended and contributed to our 2019 Annual Gala, as well as all those who made this event possible through sponsorships, in-kind donations, and volunteerism. Your Pregnancy Care Center's services and programs continue to be made possible by the support of a generous community, and for that, we thank you! Read More »

Walden needs to support the impeachment inquiry
Over the last week, the president of this country abused his power by asking at least one of this nation's most serious adversaries, with which we are losing a trade war, to become involved in the 2020 election. Read More »

Candidate ready to make a bid to unseat Walden
I am working as an unaffiliated candidate for Congress to unseat Republican incumbent Greg Walden. Salem has approved my filing. Only needing signatures now. Read More »

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