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Last Update Thursday, September 16th, 2021

I have money to spend in Grants Pass, but right now it is sitting in my bank. Why? Because of the unvaccinated and no masks.

I come into town only two days a week to shop for essentials, as I have for the past 16 months. I am fully vaccinated but cannot take a chance on getting sick because of my age.

I would love to eat at my favorite restaurants, but I only get takeout for now. Read More »

Masking protects others more than yourself
Seeing all the conflict about vaccines and masks while people die or lose their health because of COVID-19 is downright painful. It hurts my heart. Read More »

Such hypocrisy from the 'every life matters' crowd
I wonder how anyone who refuses to vaccinate or wear a mask can also claim to be pro-life. Read More »

These three politicos need a nickname, too
The right has gotten to the point where it takes a ho-hum attitude with the press briefings of Jen Psaki. They're not expecting much truthfulness, and they are not disappointed. In fact, I may be wrong, but I actually think I see winking on her part when she speaks. Read More »

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