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Last Update Friday, June 22nd, 2018

Based on the June 19 and 20 editions of the Daily Courier, it is obvious that the City Council doesn't give a hoot about what Grants Pass citizens, the State Historic Preservation Office or the city's tourism committee thinks. They are set on removing the Redwood Empire sign. Read More »

Redwood Route is our version of Route 66
My son and his wife just returned home to Colorado after a week's vacation in Gallup, New Mexico. They took numerous photos of the original U.S. Route 66 highway signs. Route 66 was the major east-west highway before the interstate system arrived. It was a famous 1930s Dust Bowl route and inspired a hit recording by Nat King Cole. Read More »

City Council has little respect for constituents
Maybe the Grants Pass City Council should just pack up and move to California. It is notorious for erasing history. Read More »

Parker certainly doesn't speak for all Latinos
"Virtually no one of Latino descent would now consider supporting GOP" — Kathleen Parker, June 20. Read More »

Stick Trump and Sessions in an immigration cage
Got a few more cages? One for Donald Trump and another for his lackey, Jeff Sessions. They continue to disgrace America! Impeach him? Fire the rest. Get rid of this dishonorable D.C. rats' nest. Read More »

Get to know more about sheriff candidate Knapp
I had a very refreshing conversation with Josephine County Sheriff candidate Jonathan Knapp when I met him for the first time recently. He is a very approachable, common-sense guy with an impressive résumé and logical, down-to-earth ideas on how to improve the Sheriff's Office, particularly with respect to the rural parts of the county. Read More »

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