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Last Update Friday, January 15th, 2021

Unfortunate behavior by county commissioners
The Courier has been keeping an eye on the commissioners: two of them feeding into the "Stop the Steal" conspiracy theory, and the other one speaking to a group that I hear terrorizes women online. Read More »

Outdated city ordinance needs to be rewritten
Vice Brewing's problems with the city's adult license ordinance (front page, Jan. 14) seem ludicrous. That a business trying to rejuvenate a big empty building on Sixth Street is being held back by a curbside strip of "park" at the post office is appalling. As for corrupting the innocent, those kids at the Oregon Futbol Academy can scissor kick a ball in any direction and hit a bar or gastropub. In fact, those same young Pelés would have to dribble past two bars before being tempted by Vice. Read More »

Dividing people into groups is pointless
To divide people up into races is an exercise in laziness. After what the world has been through and what we have learned? Your skin tone is meaningless. Read More »

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