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Last Update Friday, December 13th, 2019

Judging from recent letters, a number of folks in Grants Pass feel that our local government is in the pocket of Travis Boersma, doing his bidding without letting townspeople decide what is good for our community.

Well, yes, I suspect the Grants Pass leadership could be more transparent, but Mr. Boersma has built a successful business over the years and has chosen to share his wealth generously with our community. Read More »

Obsessed with power, GOP has lost its way
I am a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. In 12 presidential elections, I have voted for five Republicans and seven Democrats. I am selfish. In our two-party political system, I want both candidates to be smart, strong leaders who are visionaries, have strong moral values and possess exemplary management skills. Sometimes who I vote for wins, sometimes they don't. Read More »

Fairgrounds fields should be grass, not artificial turf
I would hope that Mr. Travis Boersma will soon come to the realization that 8 acres of potentially toxic artificial turf at our fairgrounds is a mistake. And then a hiccup. And now an opportunity to pivot and pursue good ol' grass! A dependable, sustainable, safe and cool surface for our kids to play on. Read More »

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