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Last Update Sunday, November 27th, 2022

I noticed quite a few letters regarding the Second Amendment to the Constitution, enforcing Measure 114 and the merits of managing firearms. However, in the past week we have had two more mass shootings.

We are so far ahead of any other country in the number of mass shootings. Unfortunately, it is a race I would very much like us to lose. Read More »

It's clear: Sheriffs think Measure 114 is wrong
Measure 114 is getting a lot of response from county citizens. With more and more sheriffs claiming they won't uphold the measure, that tells me that Measure 114 is total BS. And they know it. Read More »

Mass shootings negate 'domestic tranquility'
When we look back at the nearly two and a half centuries of our Constitution, we can see the evolution of many ideals and principles. Women now have the right to vote, slavery is banned, an equal rights amendment awaits ratification. One amendment prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages, and then another amendment reversed this. The ability to modify our Constitution is a key component of the laws that protect our rights and our democracy. Read More »

Sheriffs give the OK to ignore laws you don't like
Measure 114: The gun bill passed by a majority of voters in the last election will soon be law in Oregon, but the sheriff is refusing to enforce the law? The sheriff represents the law — that is his job. By refusing to enforce this new law, he is telling everyone in the county that it is OK to obey laws you agree with and ignore those you don't. Read More »

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