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Last Update Sunday, April 11th, 2021

The city of Cave Junction filed suit this week against the owner of the condemned Junction Inn, saying it has violated the city's derelict building code and failed to fix public nuisance problems.

The suit seeks $500 per day starting March 6 because Lojerky Incorporated hasn't responded to the city's notice of violations sent in a letter in November 2019, according to court records. Read More »

Families of missing women keep searching
SUNNY VALLEY — Gayna Redding and Jim Temple of Grants Pass, the mother and stepfather of Lisa Cronin, shoulder a heavy weight driving over Sexton Summit to the Grave Creek Covered Bridge every two or three days. Read More »

GP school board to tackle video pushing back on transgender rights
A video posted on Youtube in which a Grants Pass middle school administrator and a teacher push back on transgender student rights will likely be on the agenda of the upcoming Grants Pass School Board meeting Tuesday. Read More »

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