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Last Update Tuesday, April 7th, 2020

Erica Everson found out last week that a moratorium on evictions in Oregon during the coronavirus outbreak does not cover her or her home.

The moratorium ordered by Gov. Kate Brown does cover evictions without cause or for nonpayment of rent. It does not cover for-cause evictions, such as a drug bust or violating rules. Read More »

Spanish flu brought death to Josephine County in 1918
When three members of the McCurdy family died in the same house in Kerby, Sheriff George Lewis and public health officials considered burning it down. Read More »

County reports 16th positive virus test
Josephine County Public Health announced three more positive coronavirus cases, one on Sunday and two more on Monday, raising the county's total to 16. Neighboring Curry County, meanwhile, saw its first cases. Read More »

In dispute ruling, commissioners say pot farm is grandfathered in
After trying for years to do something about the pot farm next door, Hameed Shakeri was floored Monday when the Josephine County Board of Commissioners abruptly agreed that the Redwood-area farm had a right to continue operations, despite code violations and neighbor complaints about smell, traffic and a constantly running generator. Read More »

City's plan to help businesses hurt by shutdown is taking shape
The Grants Pass City Council on Monday identified funding of nearly $800,000 to help local businesses affected by the coronavirus outbreak. Read More »

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