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Last Update Thursday, September 16th, 2021

From bovines to a billionaire: Dutch Bros Coffee co-founder Travis Boersma, formerly a Grants Pass dairyman, is now presiding over a business worth more than $6 billion.

The drive-thru coffee chain went public Wednesday on Wall Street, and it did so with a bang. Read More »

Students arrive to hearty Welcome Day at RCC
Chelsea Farmer inquired about vaccinations at the registration table at Rogue Community College, where she's starting a new chapter in her life. Read More »

Three Rivers board passes controversial gender policy
On the third try, the Three Rivers School Board approved the controversial Every Student gender identity policy, but not before Superintendent Dave Valenzuela sounded the alarm about COVID-19 outbreaks.  Read More »

Local employers go looking for new workers at parking lot job fair
With wages up and workers in demand, there is no question the ball is in labor's court right now in Grants Pass.  Read More »

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