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Last Update Thursday, October 19th, 2017

WILLIAMS — Neal Lauritsen dumped a handful of musky marijuana buds into an $8,500 EzTrim machine at the second annual SunGrowers Guild Trim-A-Thon on Wednesday.

The contraption looked a lot like the tornado sensor device named "Dorothy" in the movie Twister, cylindrical and metal.

A minute or so later the buds settled in a bag underneath, looking like their beards had been trimmed. Read More »

County refines marijuana restrictions
The Josephine County Board of Commissioners on Wednesday gave preliminary approval to new regulations that would ban newly defined "commercial marijuana farms" on lots of 5 acres or less in rural residential zones. Read More »

Looming storm prompts Chetco landslide warning
Rain was expected to move in today throughout Southwest Oregon, and the National Weather Service said landslides are a concern, especially where the Chetco Bar Fire burned. Read More »

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