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Last Update Friday, August 17th, 2018

SELMA — Much of the popular recreation section of the Illinois River corridor is burning up in the huge Klondike Fire.

The area, west of Selma, typically is crowded on a summer day, with people enjoying the federally designated Wild and Scenic river, its beaches and spectacular vistas, but it's now closed to the public and being worked by hundreds of wildland firefighters. Read More »

Gel used to protect towers on Eight Dollar; fate of Big Pine, Sam Brown unknown
Klondike Fire officials said this morning that the top of Eight Dollar Mountain has remained out of harm's way from the growing fire, with no movement that direction on Thursday. Read More »

Three Rivers lands $2.25M grant
Students at four schools in the Three Rivers School District will get the opportunity to take part in enrichment and academic support programs because of a five-year, $2.25 million grant the district has been awarded. Read More »

Science experiments at county fair mix learning with laughter
Optical illusions, Chinese yo-yo tricks, catapulted traffic cones and fun with static electricity — with the Professor Smart Science Show at this year's Josephine County Fair, children and their parents have the chance to learn between bouts of laughter. Read More »

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