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Last Update Friday, October 18th, 2019

Two former prosecutors appointed by Gov. Kate Brown as new judges in Josephine County took oaths of office on Thursday to a packed house.

More than 100 people packed into Courtroom No. 1 at the county courthouse late in the afternoon to witness presiding Circuit Court Judge Robert Bain have the two "repeat after me." Read More »

Southern Oregon Aspire set to end its electronics recycling program
Southern Oregon Aspire will stop taking electronics for recycling in one week, and close down its computer store business on Nov. 23.  Read More »

Man arrested in crime spree refuses to appear in court
A man accused of a multi-state crime spree that included the killing an Uber driver in Denver and ended with the shooting of a retired fire chief near Grants Pass refused to come to court on Thursday. It wasn't the first time, either. Read More »

Grants Pass vape shop celebrates temporary ban lift
The proprietors of Tribal Vape, one of a handful of full-service vape shops in Josephine County, said that they were pleased to hear that the Gov. Kate Brown's executive order was put on hold, at least temporarily, by an appeals court on Thursday. Read More »

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