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Last Update Sunday, June 16th, 2019

Only months after Germany had surrendered to end World War I, a fixation on flight swept over Grants Pass.

It was June 1919, and for years, the locals had read reports from the war's front lines in the Daily Courier, stories that detailed dogfights where pilots, both friend and foe, met their maker above the trenches on the Western Front. Read More »

First plane to visit Grants Pass arrived by rail
While the landing of four Curtiss Jenny biplanes at Grants Pass on June 15, 1919, was a highly heralded event, it was not the first time the city had seen an airplane on the ground. Read More »

RCC student glad she gave school a second chance
At age 16, Jennifer Cunningham ran away from home and quit school. Read More »

Beacon Drive leak near Tokay Canal has returned
A leaky spot next to an irrigation canal that's caused issues with Beacon Drive over the years is at it again. Read More »

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