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Last Update Wednesday, July 1st, 2020

The city of Grants Pass wanted to take possession of nearly 10 acres from a deep-rooted local company by Tuesday, but as a legal battle between the two parties over eminent domain intensifies, that particular milepost came and went. Read More »

OSP officer searches for clues to an 87-year-old crime scene
Lt. Stephanie Bigman of the Oregon State Police is looking for an 87-year-old crime scene. Read More »

Applegate fire board faces scrutiny by state ethics commission
The state ethics commission has begun investigating the Applegate Valley Fire District Board for possible violations of state public meetings law, after the board chairman allegedly unilaterally dismissed a discrimination complaint against Chief Michael McLaughlin. Read More »

New cellphone tax could help improve rural internet service
Residents of the Illinois Valley have had bad internet service for years, with most having only one option, currently a company called Ziply Fiber that recently took over for the now-bankrupt company Frontier Communications. Read More »

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