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Last Update Sunday, December 10th, 2017

David and Billie Tackett make a great pair. Billie is the huge Christmas lights fan. David loves to make Billie happy.

Teen sweethearts, they celebrated Christmas all 31 years of their married life with plenty of merriment and lots of lights.

"Ever since Dave and I were married we always had lights on our house and a Christmas tree," Billie says. Read More »

Off the map
A few folks called in other addresses to check out that were a bit far off our Grants Pass maps. Read More »

Concerts, movies, hay ridesand history all free this week (It's free!)
For "It's free!" the entertainment staff chooses a few events for the coming week that are free to attend. Read More »

This listing of area storytimes runs every second weekend.
To make changes in an existing listing, or to add a new listing, contact Kathleen Alaks at 541-474-3815 or Read More »

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