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Looking for some outdoors fun and adventure in Southern Oregon? You've found the right spot. The Grants Pass Daily Courier's Southern Oregon Outdoors website feature hundreds of stories, videos and photos on the best spots in our region for fishing, hiking, rafting and camping.

Nestled on the beautiful Rogue River, Grants Pass is the perfect starting point for outdoor adventures in our area. Most of our writers' stories cover Southern Oregon and Northern California, but you'll also find information on other fun spots in Oregon and a local weekly fishing report.

Watch the Birdies
MEDFORD — Ashland birder Harry Fuller steps out of his car with binoculars in hand, ready to scope a field near the Medford airport for one of the Rogue Valley's more unusual winter visitors ...
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A grand tour on Cascade Lakes highway
The Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway near Bend is a great place to tour Central Oregon’s mighty volcanoes.
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Going ‘ninja fishing’ at Miller Lake
The fishing at Miller Lake, located in the High Cascade Mountain near Chemult, can be outstanding. The problem is that mosquitoes are thick and can make life miserable for anglers. The solution I devised is something called “ninja fishing.”
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Ideas for a mountain bike thief
A few weeks ago, someone snuck into the breezeway of my apartment and made off with my beloved mountain bike. This story includes an open letter to said bicycle thief, along with information about five of the best places where they (or anyone else) can go riding near Grants Pass.
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Wild peaks of the Siskiyou Mountains
The Siskiyou Mountains don’t boast the height of the Cascade or Sierra Nevada ranges, but the local mountains still have plenty of wild and beautiful peaks that are fun and challenging for climbers. Here’s four peaks, ranging from easy to difficult, to consider.
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Hiking to the hidden Red Buttes
The namesake peaks of the Red Buttes Wilderness rise like reddish-orange pyramids above the forest, but because they’re so well-hidden in the mountains, few people ever see them. That was a big reason myself and the Outdoors Gal decided to explore this remote region on a sunny day in June.
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Clearing a trail through Southern Oregon’s wilderness
The Siskiyou Mountain Club uses volunteer work crews to keep wilderness trails in the Kalmiopsis and other southwest Oregon areas open to the public. They haul their gear into the backcountry and use old-school tools to make it happen.
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Running the wild Rogue River in nine hours
The wild section of the Rogue River, one of the most famous stretches of river in the United States, is usually a trip that takes three or four days. But on a sunny August morning, myself and Daily Courier Sports Editor Larry Cathey decided to try and finish the entire stretch in one day.

It was a trip that neither one of us will soon forget.

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