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Courier Cam Downtown

The Courier Cam downtown is located at the corner of 6th and G streets on the Wing Building in beautiful downtown Grants Pass. From time to time, we’ll change the direction the camera is pointing.

The Daily Courier’s five cameras are the largest network of webcams in Josephine County and all of Southern Oregon with live streaming video and this one allows users to check out what’s going on downtown from home or right at your desk at work.

A partnership with high-speed Internet provider Hunter Communications has made it possible to support the massive bandwidth requirements for the Daily Courier’s five cameras.

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jerryp 7/29/2015 5:48:48 am

jerryp 7/26/2015 9:29:55 am
Great show last night. Thanks.

Tiffany 7/25/2015 10:20:16 pm
Thanks for zooming in on the concert. My son got to dress unlike Elvis and meet Justin Shandor at the concert here a couple years ago and for the past couple years he has been able to watch the concert via webcam. Thanks Daily Courier.

Sarine.....Grants Pass 7/25/2015 8:50:08 pm
Enjoying the cruise via the cam.......always a great view....I hope they scan over to the concert?? at 9pm. Great evening, nice breeze not too hot today.....really great weather:)

John 7/25/2015 8:22:14 pm
Enjoying the cruise from Australia

Joan 7/25/2015 7:33:04 pm
Great view of the cruise Courier! Thank you.

Jim G 7/24/2015 6:19:16 pm
Spent 3 wonderful weeks there recently and loved it so much will be moving there soon!

jerryp 7/24/2015 5:33:22 pm
Party Time.

DE 7/23/2015 7:12:36 pm
Where are comments about 'The 50's'??

tespino 7/4/2015 10:24:17 pm
Darn, was hoping for a view of some fireworks. But still love the cam's.

Travis 7/4/2015 10:41:48 am
All the way from DC, taking a look at my old home on the 4th.

louis albert davis 7/2/2015 4:24:53 pm
Your city is a very fine example, a wonderful place in gods creation . I have family there,2 grand children and also dad barett,. n his good son Anthony. the airis lovely with all of the pleasantness of this timeless piotstop you call GRANTS PASS.

Shady C. 7/1/2015 10:51:23 pm
I live in Shady Cove, but for some reason, I am fascinated by watching your town simply do its thing. Cars come. Cars go. Why do I find this so entertaining?

Tiffany 6/29/2015 5:03:37 am
Oh Grants Pass, how I miss walk amongst your mountains. To swim free in your rivers. To soak in the downtown atmosphere. To drink a Summer Love from Rogue Roasters. The list doesn't end.

Former GP Resident 6/24/2015 11:27:01 pm
Ahhh, good. The downtown cam views are back, along with blue skies and usual sunny late June weather. Remember to drink lots of water when temps top 100 this weekend.

Paul D. 6/8/2015 9:01:50 am
@C.Vaughan - What type of device are you using? Make sure it has Adobe Flash Player.

C. Vaughan 6/6/2015 9:41:38 am
We cannot get the pictures. Continues showing "Loading" and my sister and her family are there and we're unable to see them. Wouldn't you know. We've been able to get the cam pictures for days now but not now. 6-6-15 11:41 a.m.

Karen 5/28/2015 2:57:58 am
I hope all of you had a chance to attend the Grants Pass Antiques & Collectibles Street Fair that was held on Sunday, May 17th. It was one of the best ever...awesome weather, lot's of vendors who were selling like crazy. We all had a great time and met some wonderful people who were downtown enjoying the festivities. Don't forget, every year it's the 3rd Sunday in May...rain or shine. Many did so well, they were ready to sign up for next year already.I want to thank Jeff & Karen McGowan of H Street Antiques for putting together this great event for all of us. We will definitely be on board for it next year too!

William & Joyce 5/23/2015 12:26:27 pm
Was a great parade we got to watch it from the web- cam. Very nice Memorial Day celebration in remembrance to the ones who have gone home before us, we like to remember them on this special day. Thax to all.

Mike E. 5/23/2015 11:22:12 am
It's a wonderful day in the Neighborhood!

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