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Courier Cam Downtown

The Courier Cam downtown is located at the corner of 6th and G streets on the Wing Building in beautiful downtown Grants Pass. From time to time, we’ll change the direction the camera is pointing.

Please consider donating to our web camera project. Maintaining our webcams is costly due to the equipment, software and bandwidth used. But with more than 200,000 visits per year between our five cameras, we feel they are of great value to the community, promoting our beautiful region and, in the case of our two Humane Society webcams, a truly worthy cause. Our commitment to you is that we will use all of the money raised to fund, and if possible, improve our webcam offerings. Please note, donations to our web camera project are NOT tax deductible.
High-speed Internet provider Hunter Communications has made it possible to support the massive bandwidth requirements for the Daily Courier’s five cameras.

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Cathleen Wedlake 9/18/2022 11:50:11 am
Looks like rain today up there. We're due to have some rolling in here in Paso Robles, CA later today. Stay nice and warm everyone. Thanks to everyone behind the cameras for keeping them in tip top shape over the years. I miss Grants Pass SOOO much! Have a good day.

Michael Clark 7/24/2022 6:58:51 am
Why did Grants Pass get rid of the cruise? The highlight of events during the summer.

jerry p. 5/29/2022 8:48:52 am
Thanks for showing the Parade. It was great.

Mr. and Mrs. George Owens CA 12/26/2021 12:07:01 pm
Happy new year to all the volunteer workers at the dog and cat channel. Over 21 years ago I was a volunteer worker at that little building they had in grants Pass. I have made three mistakes in life. One of my biggest mistakes moving away from a great little town when everyone says hello and how are you doing today Mr. George Owens. Used to live right by wildlife images. I am 85 years old now. I would love to go back even at my old age. But my wife wants to stay with the grandchildren. The snow was coming down at 2 AM on 26 December. Very unusual for snow to be in town. Happy new year to all. Thanks again for taking care of all those animals. George crazy California "

jerryp 9/19/2021 8:53:43 am
"Rain". What a nice sight.

Doug Clark 7/23/2021 10:33:45 am
The camera looks better, not sure what the guy in the strips did but clearer, thank you

jerryp 6/21/2021 3:58:24 pm
It looks a little hot today. Stay cool Grants Pass.

GP Native 5/29/2021 10:20:33 am
Thank you for keeping the cameras! I am enjoying the Boatnic Memorial Day Parade live!

Katdog of 81 Cavemen 5/26/2021 12:57:10 pm
Don't forget to clean the camera lens on the downtown camera once in awhile TY :) i need to be able to spot my nephew and his lovely new bride.

MR GEORGE OWENS CA 5/25/2021 7:47:25 am
Good morning, from crazy California!! I sure wish the passenger train would stop at grants Pass. That would be fantastic. It would bring a lot of money into the economy of Grants Pass!!

Web director 2/26/2021 2:14:00 pm
Chuck, over the years, the plastic shield surrounding the camera has been battered with debris in the wind. It is more apparent when the camera is pointed down 6th Street and the sun is at a certain angle.

Chuck Aronhalt 2/22/2021 5:37:56 pm
Is the lens of the camera dirty or are you having an ice storm?

Gerald E. Parcel 2/12/2021 4:28:52 pm
I do not recognize this cam shot. Been away from Grants Pass for a while now. Just does not look like good old G.P

jerryp 2/11/2021 8:51:21 am
Thanks for your comment about the live cam. I guess I look at the feed early in the morning at the same time.

Web director 2/8/2021 8:50:32 am
We had someone ask a question about why the stream wasn't live when they checked it. It's because we are streaming with YouTube and when our stream to them is broken, which happens about once a day, YouTube automatically switches to what it recorded from the last stream. We begin the live stream again as soon as we notice it.

Dr. George 1/28/2021 7:01:52 am
Greetings to Family and Friends in GP. Be Safe, from the crew in Hemet Ca.

GP Native 1/18/2021 6:14:22 pm
Wonderful to still be able to see downtown! Thank you for continuing to make the cameras available for everyone to enjoy. The Daily Courier has always been a part of my life.I still enjoy my digital version that keeps my in touch with our local community.

Tim 1/18/2021 9:35:03 am
Thanks for the cams!!!

MR GEORGE OWENS CA 1/18/2021 8:48:31 am
Want to wish happy new year to everyone that works so very hard taking care of God's creatures. I know no one remembers me. It has been over 20 years. Cannot remember the name of that street. Was a small building. I remember one time I took the screen door off of your shelter door brought home and worked on it. I told everyone in my family. When the time comes I leave this world do not buy flowers send money to you people that work so hard. Here in crazy California. They have a lot of volunteers and money coming from different directions. But I know is very hard in this data were gone. The have money coming to your facility and volunteers. There is just not the resources in that location. God bless you all. Sure Ms. grants Pass. I would never live in Portland is just as crazy as California! But grants Pass is like a different state to live in!! One of the biggest mistakes in life. I did. Moving back to this crazy state!!!! George Simi Valley, California

Nick 1/13/2021 9:24:03 am
I absolutely love the new view! I was wondering though, could it be possible to zoom out when facing Safeway that way we can see more of our beautiful Grants Pass?

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