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Critter Cam 1 at the Rogue Valley
Humane Society

This web camera is located at the Rogue Valley Humane Society in Grants Pass. It is sponsored by Mini Pet Mart and will feature cute animals waiting to be adopted. You can find more information on adopting an animal at the websites for the Humane Society (541-479-5154) and the Josephine County Animal Shelter. Both facilities also have Facebook pages.

From time to time, the staff at the Humane Society will clean the Critter Cam area and may block the camera or remove the animals for a short time. But don't worry, they'll be back shortly.

The Daily Courier’s five cameras are the largest network of webcams in Josephine County and all of Southern Oregon with live streaming video.

High-speed Internet provider Hunter Communications has made it possible to support the massive bandwidth requirements for the Daily Courier’s five cameras.

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Web director 5/20/2020 2:32:47 pm
The Humane Society is currently painting the cat room. They hope to have it done soon.

Web director 11/25/2019 11:21:43 am
George, you may need to update your version of Flash Player.

Hawk 8/27/2019 4:03:37 pm
It's a HOT day. I guess all the kitties are outside in the shade.

Kathy 3/28/2019 1:56:43 pm
We can't see the cats very well.

sammy 8/16/2018 9:42:32 am
how about moving things around so we can see the kitties more. too much blocking view. do enjoy the kitties

Team RVHS 3/16/2018 3:12:59 pm
Hi RVHS Fan, We have many wonderful volunteers who spend many hours with our furry guests. They do a wonderful job with socializing our shy ones ;)

RVHS fan 1/11/2018 1:43:54 pm
I see one of your volunteers has some adoring feline fans. No wonder that your cats are so friendly towards potential adopters. Thanks for all the time they put in socializing the animals in your care.

CP 8/29/2017 5:04:09 pm
Okay, I've been very patient, but I haven't seen any kitties on the critter cam in weeks!!! Where are the little varmints hiding?

Virginia 7/6/2017 9:17:58 am
I pray every day when I check into the site that Holly and all the others find homes. Blessings to all of you for all you do............

Team RVHS 6/21/2017 8:46:10 pm
Hi Virginia, we have been having great success in adopting our older kitties, plus a couple in our forever foster program! We are hoping that our sweet girl Holly is next, she's such a special girl ;)

Virginia 6/2/2017 8:42:58 am
So wonderful to see so many of the older loves adopted. I pray that someone would adopt Holly. She needs love and a home. Blessings for all you do there.

Web director 5/28/2017 12:42:12 pm
We lost our connection to the Critter Cam this morning. It may not be available again until Tuesday.

RVHS Team Member 4/21/2017 8:18:35 am
Thank you for watching our beautiful guests! Please join us for Mothers Day Tea May 13th at the Bear Hotel! Call our office for more details ;)

Sharon Crowder 4/17/2017 11:48:20 am
Love the rooftop balcony and stairs on the little house!

Virginia 4/14/2017 2:04:08 pm
Nice looking new house! ;o)

joyce smith 3/17/2017 6:24:11 pm
Just checking out our furry friends this evening and the first view that you see is of one of them having their paw in front of the camera. Cute!!! Must be comfortable. There are a couple of cats sleeping in their cubicles. Must be time for them to nap for awhile. Love watching them when I can.

John Smith 3/11/2017 1:15:27 pm
Not a cat to be seen! They must all be outside enjoying this rare and fleeting sunny weather.

joyce smith 2/26/2017 1:04:29 pm
Thank you for your comments. I am also very grateful to Mini Pet Mart and the Daily Courier for their support and help in allowing all of us viewers to watch. I am sure that all viewers would agree. It is a pleasure and a honor to be able to see all of our furry friends. Love it.

Rogue Valley Humane Society 2/23/2017 5:01:49 pm
Joyce, We are so happy you have enjoyed some of our furry guest at play! We are grateful to Mini Pet Mart and the Daily Courier for their support at keeping our Critter Cam up and running!

joyce smith 2/16/2017 8:26:41 am
Just watching one our little furry friends rolling around on the floor stretching out. Looks so cute. I really enjoy being able to see them at times. Thank you RVHS for all you do and all of the love and caring you give the kitties. You are truly appreciated.

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