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Today is: Friday, December 8th, 2023
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Courier Cam on the Rogue

The Courier Cam on the Rogue River is located near the Grants Pass Parkway, looking down at the river from the city’s water filtration plant across from Baker Park.

High-speed Internet provider Hunter Communications has made it possible to support the massive bandwidth requirements for the Daily Courier’s five cameras.

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Chuck Margaroli 3/28/2023 6:43:44 pm
Glad to see the river up. My Sister lives right on the river and she is happy too!

jerryp 3/10/2023 3:24:33 pm
The river is up today. Lots of snow and rain. NICE.

JC Townsend 7/20/2022 7:33:09 am
Love this cam...and all the summer activity to watch each time I take a peek. Thanks for sharing.

ironduke 7/22/2021 5:28:26 pm
in 1947 7th street was a dirt road on my end. We were the last house before the river, behind the grammar school.Precious memories.

Kathryn 6/30/2021 3:48:02 pm
I get so homesick when I see this pic of the river. My little brother and I used to fish and swim here all summer. The really good old days.

Kim 11/27/2020 7:55:10 am
Is it possible to livestream on Youtube like most other places do now? It's so sad to lose these awesome cams!

10/31/2020 1:01:41 pm
The river is low. Hope it rains soon.

Bill Marcus 4/27/2020 1:58:14 pm
Camera is perfect now. Everybody live with it.

Web director 4/20/2020 4:57:15 pm
We're having difficulties reaching our River Cam, since we need to set up a time with the water filtration plant staff to go over and try to fix the problem. We'll try to get this camera back online as soon as possible.

John 12/12/2019 8:36:57 am
Anyway you can change the direction of the camera facing up river overlooking the bridge and Mount Baldy?

Hawk 9/1/2019 1:45:40 pm
There are many kayakers on the water today. 81 at 1:44pm. Stay Safe.

Hawk 8/27/2019 3:59:53 pm
It got to 100 degrees at 3:55pm today. There are quite a few folks having a good time in/on the water. Be Safe.

Hawk 8/7/2019 4:53:22 pm
It's 90 today. I've seen several folks cooling off in the river today. Perfect day for it. Be CareFul though. Wear a PFD (vest)

Breather 7/27/2019 1:21:01 pm
Was planning on attending the 50's celebration but the cameras are all showing heavy smoke so I'm staying home and staying alive.

jerry p 4/13/2019 10:32:16 am
Its nice to see the river going down.

jerry p 4/8/2019 2:35:38 pm
Jo.Co person- Not yet is it 100 flood.

Jo.Co. resident 4/8/2019 1:35:47 pm
I live just down the river from this, my house is built one foot above the "100 year flood rise" is this the 100 year flood? this is getting very scary!!!

ncm 4/8/2019 8:28:40 am
It looks like the river is flooding. Will folks be sandbagging those homes soon,or is it not expected to get higher?

JerryP 4/8/2019 6:59:44 am
River running fast.

Web director 2/27/2019 2:25:56 pm
To Steve and Celeste: Thank you for the donations!

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