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Courier Cam on the Rogue

The Courier Cam on the Rogue River is located near the Grants Pass Parkway, looking down at the river from the city’s water filtration plant across from Baker Park.

The Daily Courier’s five cameras are the largest network of webcams in Josephine County and all of Southern Oregon with live streaming video and it’s perfect for checking out rafters or birds, watching summer sunsets, seeing what the weather’s like in Grants Pass, or creating a beautiful window to the river in your home or office.

A partnership with high-speed Internet provider Hunter Communications has made it possible to support the massive bandwidth requirements for the Daily Courier’s five cameras.

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Janus 11/25/2014 5:20:56 pm
What a beautiful fall Sunset tonight . . .

candie 11/21/2014 10:52:35 pm
Sorry I thought it was gone. I'm bad

Web director 11/20/2014 11:14:36 am
Candie, it just lost its leaves. If you look closely, you can see it's still there. That's city property, so it's unlikely that tree will be cut down in the foreseeable future.

candie 11/20/2014 11:08:04 am

jerryp 11/9/2014 1:02:18 pm
Nice colors today.I miss GP

Web director 10/21/2014 1:52:44 pm
The water filtration plant had to cut power to our webcam for a while. They tell us we should be back up in a few hours. Sorry for the inconvenience.

SoCal 10/18/2014 11:17:04 am
Hard to believe that the leaves are turning already. Such a beautiful scene of the river. Didn't make it up this year (I love GP summers!), it's been a crazy busy one for us. Best wishes to GP and thanks for the cams Courier!

Janus 9/30/2014 11:07:05 am
It is an outstanding day on the Beautiful Rogue River today. I can't wait until my house sales, so I can become a neighbor in this town I have come to Love.

Mary 9/22/2014 1:03:46 pm
What a beautiful view! Thank you so much for providing this free service! We are very lucky to live here.

Jazalina 9/20/2014 12:07:05 pm
Watching the duck derby!!!

candie 9/18/2014 9:54:22 am
I feel so blessed to live here

River Rose 9/13/2014 8:33:15 am
Thank you! A wonderful view, tree and all.

CAGranny05 9/12/2014 8:08:44 am
Thank you, Courier!! As far as I'm concerned this is the most beautiful river and this view is one of my favorite. Again, Thank you for all of your cameras, but especially this view.

Lee 9/11/2014 2:11:18 pm
Thanks Daily Courier for listening to your viewers and going back to the other view! Soon the leaves will fall so the tree won't matter anyway. We can once again see our beautiful river!

Billy 9/11/2014 2:10:12 pm
hey life time rogue river gall you single ? hehehe

Lifetime Rogue River Gal 9/11/2014 12:37:30 pm
Thank you so much for going back to this version! Much better showing the true beauty of this gem...

candie 9/11/2014 11:25:19 am

Billy 9/11/2014 9:56:36 am
I thought it was great to see everyone at the river showing what a great recreation area it was for the public. seeing activity on the bank most of the day was great. It really showed how much people enjoy the beautiful rogue river and how active grants pass is. Thank You for all the great views of the river and of town

NCM 9/11/2014 8:10:26 am
I miss watching the beautiful river flow. The new view is not particularly interesting.

MikeW 9/8/2014 4:01:40 pm
Thanks for changing the view, now if we just had some sun bathers lol, Would it be possible to get the moving camera like downtown? or would that be to much.

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