Crater Lake National Park (winter)
One of the snowiest places on earth
(10 pictures)
Crater Lake National Park (summer)
The United States' deepest lake
(8 pictures)
Marble Mountain Wilderness
A northern California backpacking paradise
(7 pictures)
Sky Lakes Wilderness
Lakes of the Southern Oregon Cascades
(11 pictures)
Mount Shasta Wilderness
The White Mountain of northern California
(3 pictures)
Umpqua River area
Roseburg's stunning collection of cascades
(15 pictures)
Rogue River
Southern Oregon's famous stream
(27 pictures)
Siskiyou Wilderness
Rugged beauty on the OR/CA border
(15 pictures)
Northern California Coast
Redwoods and rugged ocean beaches
(6 pictures)
Coast Redwoods
Northern California's Redwood State and Natl Parks
(19 pictures)
Oregon Caves National Monument
The lakes and mountains located near the OR Caves
(15 pictures)
Red Buttes Wilderness
A small, rugged wilderness along the OR/CA border
(9 pictures)
Briggs Valley area
The area around Briggs Creek in Southern Oregon
(5 pictures)
Central Oregon
Mountains, lakes and waterfalls near Bend, Ore.
(9 pictures)
Illinois Valley/Kalmiopsis Wilderness
Southern Oregon's wildest rivers and mountains
(29 pictures)
Death Valley National Park
One of the hottest, driest and lowest places on earth
(8 pictures)
Applegate River
A small, overlooked stream through Grants Pass
(5 pictures)
Glacier National Park
Northwest Montana's mountain jewel
(21 pictures)
Cathedral Hills
A trail system four miles south of downtown Grants Pass
(4 pictures)
Castle Crags
Northern California's granite skyscrapers
(6 pictures)
Southern Oregon's birds
Our feathered friends in the sky
(3 pictures)
Dollar Mountain
A mountain and trail just outside the door of Grants Pass residents
(6 pictures)
Smith River
A clear, beautiful stream through Northern California's Redwood/Crescent City area
(11 pictures)
Waters Creek Trails
Two loop trails just south of Grants Pass
(7 pictures)
Wallowa Mountains
Eastern Oregon's mountain paradise (near La Grande, Ore.)
(8 pictures)
Happy Camp, Calif.
This tiny mountain town on the border of Oregon and California is home to character and outdoor beauty
(9 pictures)
Rogue-Umpqua Divide
The High Cascades between the Rogue River and Umpqua River
(10 pictures)
Bolan/Tanner Mountain area
Campsites, lookout towers and alpine lakes in Josephine County
(9 pictures)
Mount Ashland Siskiyous
The hikes and mountains near Mount Ashland/Ashland, Ore.
(7 pictures)
Upper Klamath Lake
Oregon's largest freshwater body is a beautiful, shallow lake popular for duck hunting between the Cascade Mountains
(7 pictures)
Sunset Bay State Park
The Oregon Coast south of Coos Bay, Ore.
(17 pictures)
Boardman Scenic Corridor
The Oregon South Coast's most scenic destination along Highway 101
(9 pictures)
Humbug Mountain State Park
A beautiful and lush state park on the Oregon Coast
(8 pictures)
Oregon Redwoods
Location just outside Brookings, Ore., the state's only old-growth redwoods
(7 pictures)
Table Rock Trails
The flat-topped buttes of the Rogue Valley
(6 pictures)





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