Babyfoot Lake (Kalmiopsis Wilderness)

Rating (Out of 5): 3.0

Location: Near Cave Junction, Ore.

Distance: 2.4 miles round-trip; 4.2 mile loop

Difficulty: Easy

Camping: Yes

Quick hit: This pretty little lake is one of the only bodies of water in the entire Kalmiopsis Wilderness. The lake still has the scars of the 2002 Biscuit Fire, and the lake looks a little odd in the tight glacial cirque with all the trees burned, but it’s still a worth place to spend the afternoon.

From the trailhead, the hikers drop downhill to for 0.3 miles to a trail junction. A sign points to the right, which leads hikers another 0.9 miles downhill to the lake itself.

The trail is nice, but also filled with burned trees. After the junction, there’s a nice overlook on a short spur trail on the right at a little rock outcropping.

At the lake, there’s a number of trails leading in different directions.

(There is currently a Babyfoot Loop Trail being created and cleared, though it can get somewhat confusing. For detailed information on the loop, information, see this website description from the Siskiyou Mountain Club).

Directions: From Grants Pass, drive south on Highway 199 for 24 miles past Selma. Turn right onto Eight Dollar Road (which has a sign marked “Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area 17”). Continue on the road to the bridge across the Illinois River, then veer right as the road becomes gravel and drive 12 miles uphill along Eight Dollar Road. At a fork in the road, veer left on Road 140 to arrive at a large parking area and the trailhead on the right.

(If you veer right at the fork, on Road 142, you’ll end up at the Kalmiopsis Rim Trailhead).

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