Natural Bridge - Upper Rogue Trail

Rating (Out of 5): 4.0

Location: Near Prospect, Ore.

Distance: 1 mile round-trip to Natural Bridge; 2.2 miles round-trip to footbridge; 8 miles round-trip to Farewell Bend

Difficulty: easy/moderate

Camping: Yes at Natural Bridge Campground

Quick hit: There are multiple options on this very nice trail. The trail begins when you pass interpretive signs and cross a bridge, following the pavement. You’ll soon reach an overlook for Natural Bridge itself. Keep going on the trail to a junction where you can either continue for six miles along the Upper Rogue Trail or turn right and view a beautiful section of the river with a footbridge. You can cross the footbridge and head back to your car with this option, following what’s called “Kings Canyon Trail” though Natural Bridge Campground.

Directions: Follow Highway 62 toward Crater Lake. Once you past the town of Prospect, look left just before mile marker 55 for a sign indicating “Natural Bridge Campground.” The trail starts at the end of the parking lot near interpretive signs. It follows pavement for about .3 miles

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