Indian Mary Park Trail (near Merlin, Ore.)

Rating (Out of 5): 3.5

Location: Near Merlin, Ore.

Distance: 3.1 round-trip

Difficulty: moderate/hard

Camping: No

Quick hit: While most enjoy Indian Mary Park due to the fact that it’s located along the recreation section of the Wild and Scenic Rogue River, there’s also a trail that provides nice views. The Indian Mary Park is steep in parts but provides wonderful views from the top.

From the trailhead — located just across the road from Indian Mary Park in a pullout — the trail heads uphill. It passes couple of overlooks that provide views of the surrounding mountains carved by the river. There’s a bunch overlook at the 1.2 mile mark. The trail stops as an overlook at the 1.8 mile mark (though it can seem longer) that is marked by large boulders where you can sit. The trail continues on, but there’s no much worth checking out beyond the overlook.

Directions: From Interstate 5, take the Merlin exit and continue on Merlin-Galice road. Drive past the town of Merlin and the Hellgate Canyon overlook. Once you reach Indian Mary Park, don’t turn into campground. Instead, park across the street in a pullout. The trailhead begins at a large signboard.

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