Cliff Lake/Grasshopper Mtn. (Rogue-Ump. Divide)

Rating (Out of 5): 4.5

Location: Tiller, Ore.

Distance: 8.4 miles round-trip

Difficulty: Easy to Cliff Lake, moderate to Grasshopper

Camping: Yes at Cliff, Buckeye Lakes

Quick hit: From the Skimmerhorn Trailhead, this fantastic trail leads to two beautiful and easy-to-reach alpine lakes. Buckeye Lake is larger, and found 1.8 miles down the trail while Cliff Lake is smaller and prettier, located 2 miles down the trail.

To fully enjoy this trail, however, continue to the summit of Grasshopper Mountain. You’ll reach two trail junctions that are well-marked. Go right at each of them, following markers toward Grasshopper Mountain, and then Grasshopper Summit. The trail becomes steeper but you’ll reach the 5,523 foot summit at about the 4.2 mile mark. To Grasshopper Mountain, the trail gains about 2,000 feet but is well-graded.

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Directions: From I-5 near Canyonville, take exit 98 and follow signs for Crater Lake into the town of Canyonville. Turn east on 3rd street until it becomes Tiller-Trail Highway. Follow the Tiller-Trail Highway 23.3 miles to the town of Tiller. After passing through the town, turn left onto Road 46 toward South Umpqua Falls. Follow Road 46 24.2 miles. Veer to the right on Road 2823 and follow “Fish Lake Trailhead” markers. Drive 2.4 miles on Road 2823, fork right on Road 2830 for 3.9 miles on a gravel road. Then fork right following markers for Skimmerhorn Trailhead, and finally go left once more (following the sign) to the trailhead. The road is well-marked.

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