Boundary Springs - Rogue River headwaters (near Crater Lake Natl. Park)

Rating (Out of 5): 4.5

Location: Near Crater Lake, Ore.

Distance: 4.8 miles round-trip

Difficulty: easy/moderate

Camping: No

Quick hit: Open to hikers from about June to November, when the snow isn't as high, the birthplace of the Rogue River can be found in a beautiful springs that comes from the Cascade Mountains. There are a trio of waterfalls along the river. The trail begins at the Crater Lake Viewpoint (see directions below), and follows the Upper Rogue Trail for exactly .5 miles. After that half a mile, turn left onto Boundary Springs Trail heading south. At the .9 mile mark, you’ll run into a dirt road. Go right on the dirt road for 100 yards and then turn left onto the trail’s continuation. After 1.4 miles from the dirt road, the trail forks at the edge of a brushy meadow. Keep left 100 yards to a 3-foot spring. The trail gets a little questionable in here, but continue on toward the sound of water to find the official Boundary Springs, which looks like a large vent spewing out water.

Directions: The trail begins at the Crater Lake viewpoint, a pullout on the side of Highway 230. To find it from Grants Pass, follow Highway 62 for 57 miles from Medford. At a junction, continue straight on Highway 230 with pointers toward Diamond Lake for 18.6 miles. The viewpoint is on the right side of the road, between mile markers 18 and 19.

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