Bob's Hat Loop (Castle Crags SP)

Rating (Out of 5): 3.5

Location: 1

Distance: 15 mile loop

Difficulty: moderate

Camping: At Castle Crags campground

Quick hit: This long loop hike starts at the Indian Creek Nature Trail. This hike is a good choice in winter when higher trails are snow covered, and in spring when seasonal creeks cross the trail and wildflowers are blooming. After .5 miles on Indian Creek Trail, take the Flume Trail junction to the Pacific Crest Trail. Flume Trail follows the course of a flume and ditch water system that served the town of Castle. Stay on Flume Trail to the second PCT junction for rewarding views of Castle Crags and a gentler ascent to the PCT. Turn right on the PCT and follow this level trail to Bob’s Hat Trail which will allow you to descend back to your starting point. A map is a must for this hike.

Directions: From Grants Pass, follow Interstate 5 south for 128 miles into California. About 14 miles south of Mount Shasta, take exit 724 toward the town of Castella. Follow pointers to Castle Crags State Park .4 miles to park entrance.

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