Mount Thielsen (Diamond Lake area)

Rating (Out of 5): 4.5

Location: Roseburg, Ore./Diamond Lake area

Distance: 10 miles round-trip

Difficulty: Very hard

Camping: No

Quick hit: Only the most hardy/crazy hikers dare ascend Mount Thielsen's stony spire, but this is the trail that gives you the opportunity. The hike climbs 1,950 feet and 3.8 miles to a junction with the Pacific Crest Trail. The trail to the summit is five miles with a total of 3,800 feet of elevation gain to the summit. The trail is very dry so bring lots of water. From the junction with the PCT, a scramble trail shoots up above the treeline, and spirals around the peak to a ledge on the east side at 9,100 feet. From there, hardy/crazy climbers can ascend this sheer face toward the 9,182 summit. Do so at your own risk.

The final 100 feet is classified as Class 3/4 in the Yosemite Decimal System. This means that a fall may well result in death.

Directions: From Medford, take Highway 62 east and follow "Diamond Lake signs 81 miles. Past a "Diamond Lake Recreation Area" turnoff, continue 300 yards to a "Roseburg" pointer and turn left onto Highway 138. In 1.4 miles, the Mount Thielsen Trailhead parking area is on the right of the road.

From Roseburg, take Highway 138 east for 81.6 miles. The trailhead sign is on the left side of the road.

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