Thielsen Creek (Diamond Lake area)

Rating (Out of 5): 4.0

Location: Roseburg, Ore./Diamond Lake

Distance: 15.7 mile loop

Difficulty: Very hard

Camping: Yes

Quick hit: This long loop trail follows ice cold Thielsen Creek in the shadow of its namesake, the 9,182-foot Mount Thielsen. From the trailhead, follow the left-hand trail and go under a tunnel below Highway 138. Then follow the dry, dusty trail 3.5 miles to Timothy Meadows and Thielsen Creek. You can either go left or right at this fork. To the left (northeast) is Howlock Meadows and to the right (southeast) is Thielsen Meadows. Both are connected on a loop trail by the Pacific Crest Trail, which runs north and south.

Directions: There are various directions depending if you're coming from Medford or Roseburg. From Roseburg, follow Highway 138 east 78.6 miles. Between mileposts 78 and 79, turn right at a "Diamond Lake Recreation Area" sign for .3 miles. Park at the Howlock Mountain Trailhead on the left.

From Medford, follow Highway 62 for 57 miles and continue straight on Highway 230 for another 23.6. Turn left at "Diamond Lake Recreation Area" sign and follow Road 6592 for 4.2 miles to the Howlock Mountain Trailhead.

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