Campbell/Cliff lakes (Marble Mt. Wild.)

Rating (Out of 5): 4.5

Location: Fort Jones/Yreka, Calif.

Distance: 10 miles round-trip

Difficulty: moderate/hard

Camping: Yes at Campbell and Cliff lakes

Quick hit: These popular alpine lakes highlight the east side of the Marble Mountain Wilderness. Campbell lake is somewhat wooded while large craggy walls buffer up against Cliff Lake. The beautiful Summit Lake is nearby as well. The Pacific Crest Trail can be reached by hiking west from Summit Lake, and leads to the the popular Marble Valley and Sky High Lakes. Obtain a map from the Scott River Ranger Station to properly navigate this glorious area.

Directions: From Grants Pass, drive south on Interstate 5 into California and take exit 773 south of Yreka, Calif. Follow Highway 3 for 16 miles to Fort Jones. Turn right on Scott River Road for 20.5 miles, passing Fort Jones, Calif. (pick up a map there if needed). At a service station 4.5 miles beyond Fort Jones, turn right on Quartz Valley Road. Followed paved Quartz Valley Road for 5.8 miles. Turn left at a "Shackleford Trail" pinter onto gravel Road 43N21 for seven miles to the road's end.

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