Sky High Lakes (Marble Mt. Wild.)

Rating (Out of 5): 4.5

Location: Fort Jones/Yreaka, Calif.

Distance: 12 miles round-trip

Difficulty: moderate/hard

Camping: Yes around Sky High Lakes

Quick hit: This trail to the Sky High Lakes leads hikers into the very heart of the Marble Mountain Wilderness. The Sky High Lakes are three emerald pools tucked in a craggy valley. Nearby is the Marble Rim and Marble Valley, two destinations that draw plenty of people from all across the West Coast. The Pacific Crest Trail runs through the area as well. A good map is needed to find all of the area’s wonders, but expect to run into other backpackers. Get a map and information at the Scott River Ranger Station.

Directions: From Grants Pass, drive south on Interstate 5 into California and take exit 773 south of Yreka, Calif. Follow Highway 3 for 16 miles to Fort Jones. Turn right on Scott River Road for 14.1 miles and follow pointers for Indian Scotty Campground. Turn left on narrow paved Road 44N45 and follow the paved road to a trailhead at Lovers Camp.

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