07/13/2018 - Fishing Report

Increased temperatures doesn't mean increased action on the Rogue (Fishing report)

The ambient temperatures are rising outside, but fishing on the Rogue River has mostly remained steady.

deciding Summer steelhead are still in the area, said fishing guide Troy Whitaker.

He added that there are some salmon but not a lot through Grants Pass.

"Gold Hills is starting to pick up," said Whitaker of U-Save Gas and Tackle.

Whitaker said back-bounding roe with sand shrimp or running sardine-wrapped Kwikfish are the best options.

"The earlier you get out there, the better," Whitaker said. "That way you're not out there in this blistering heat."

For anglers looking to catch steelhead, a variety of options should work, including back-trolling plugs, side-drifting small pieces of roe, spinners or imitation eggs.

Trout are also being caught on the Rogue, primarily on spoons and spinners.

Fall chinook will soon make an appearance in the area as well.

"I know that we've been concentrating on the mouth of the Rogue," Whitaker said. "We've got some fall fish coming, which is a good thing. The bite has been good down there."

He said the fall chinook should start making their way into the Grants Pass area in a month or so.

For trout fishing on the lakes, the warmer temperatures will mean the fish will settle at deeper waters to escape the heat.

Whitaker said trolling with Wedding Rings will need to drop down from 100-140 feet.

At the Applegate and Lost Creek Reservoirs, that may mean fishing close to the dams.

Other options include fishing near where the creeks flow into the reservoirs, such as Carberry Creek at Applegate.

FireBait and PowerBait in garlic scent works well.

Bass anglers may want to try Applegate or Selmac, though Selmac is weedy this time of year.

APPLEGATE RIVER. The river is open to trout fishing. Only hatchery rainbow trout may be retained. All wild rainbow and cutthroat trout must be released.

DIAMOND LAKE. Fishing continues to be good at Diamond Lake. Most anglers are taking home fish averaging 15-inches. Trolling seems to be the most effective technique, but using bait or flies has also been showing positive results.

Diamond Lake has been stocked with tiger and brown trout. These fish are intended to assist in controlling illegally introduced tui chub. These trout are catch-and-release only and need to be released immediately and unharmed if caught.

As part of the 2016 regulation simplification process, Diamond Lake is now back to the Southwest Zone regulation of 5 rainbow trout per day.

EMIGRANT RESERVOIR. Fishing for bass and other warmwater fish should be good. With the warm weather this weekend and warming water, anglers will have to fish deeper or fish early or late in the day. The lake is currently 54 percent full.

EXPO POND. Fishing for bass and other warmwater fish should be fair to good, with the best fishing early or late in the day.

Anglers can fish the pond, which is now within a RV Park developed by Jackson County by parking in the lot to the right as you drive in Gate 5 and walking to the pond. A day use fee to park here is $4. An annual parking permit can be purchased from Jackson County Parks Department for $30.

ILLINOIS RIVER. The river is open for trout fishing. Since only hatchery trout may be retained, and hatchery trout are not likely to be to be found in the Illinois River at this time of year, fishing will be primarily catch-and-release for the native cutthroat trout.

REINHART PARK POND. Fishing for warmwater species has been good. Suspending a worm below a bobber is a very effect technique here.

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