05/25/2018 - Fishing Report

After Boatnik closures, Rogue should open to good fishing conditions (Fishing report)

The Rogue River may be taken over by Boatnik festivities for a few more days, but other area bodies of water are prime fishing real estate for the holiday weekend.

Applegate Reservoir, Howard Prairie Reservoir and Willow Lake were all stocked with thousands of trout this week. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife will top off the trout population at Lost Creek Reservoir weekly from now until the end of summer.

"All of the lakes and reservoirs have been doing really well lately," local fishing guide Troy Whitaker said. "There will be some river closures around here for the Boatnik races, but a lot of people are flocking to Shady Cove if they're looking for springers."

The Rogue River will be closed from Baker Park to Riverside Park from 6 p.m. today until 3 p.m. Monday, and no boats will be able to use Baker Park launch.

Most reported catches of spring chinook are happening in the Shady Cove area because the water is cooler there than in Grants Pass.

Whitaker recommends using sardine-wrapped Kwikfish or back-bouncing roe to attract the salmon.

The Rogue River reopened for trout fishing Tuesday, as did the Applegate River and Illinois River. Small lures are working well as are a number of commercial baits.

APPLEGATE RIVER. The river reopened to trout fishing on Tuesday. Only hatchery rainbow trout may be retained. All wild rainbow and cutthroat trout must be released.

DIAMOND LAKE. Fishing continues to be incredible at Diamond Lake. Most anglers were taking home limits of fishing averaging 15-inches in length.

Trolling seems to be the most effective technique. Camping is limited currently at some of the campgrounds.

DUTCH HERMAN POND. Dutch Herman Pond, located on BLM land east of the town of Wolf Creek, is not being stocked with rainbow trout this year. Extensive weed growth and low oxygen levels rendered the lake unsuitable for trout.

ILLINOIS RIVER. The Illinois River reopened for trout fishing on Tuesday.

Since only hatchery trout may be retained, and hatchery trout are not likely to be to be found in the Illinois River at this time of year, fishing will be primarily catch-and-release for the native cutthroat trout.

LOST CREEK RESERVOIR. The reservoir was stocked last week with 10,000 legal-size and 1,500 larger-size rainbow trout, so trout fishing should be very good. Boat anglers can have success trolling along the dam and over shallower areas of the main reservoir.

Bank anglers have good success on either side of the dam, but are reminded to not block access to the Takelma boat ramp. Fishing for smallmouth and largemouth bass should be good as well. Both the Takelma boat ramp and ramps in Stewart State Park are available.

LAKE SELMAC. Lake Selmac was stocked last week with another 3,000 legal-size rainbow trout, so trout fishing should be good for bank and boat anglers.

Fishing for bass and other warmwater species has also been good. Anglers are currently catching some very nice-sized bluegill. Lake Selmac has a lot of aquatic vegetation, so anglers will have to adjust their techniques and locations accordingly.

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