General Description: This area, which also is a moderately popular put in spot for rafters, features a parking lot and good access for steelhead and salmon fishing.

Fish: Winter steelhead (March, April); summer steelhead (September, October); Fall chinook (August, September)

How to land'em: For winter steelhead, anglers can toss spoons from the area just upstream from the boat ramp. The best hole is on the far side of the river from the boat ramp, where is a main travel path for fish. Using a bobber and jig is another good way for land winter steelhead. From a boat, winter steelhead are best caught by anglers side-drifting yarnballs or a small piece of roe. For summer steelhead, the same area slightly above the boat camp and below the rapids can work, as well as the area just below the bridge in the deeper hole. Imitation eggs, Glo Bugs and egg patterns are the best bet during the salmon spawning seasons. Fall chinook are usually caught in the deeper water below the bridge. Anglers usually use KwikFish that they try to keep closer to the bottom.

—Troy Whitaker, U-Save Gas and Tackle, Grants Pass

Directions: From Grants Pass, you can take either Lower River Road and Azalea Drive, or Merlin-Galice Road via Interstate 5, to Robertson Bridge Road. From both options, take a left onto Robertson Bridge and follow to the bridge. Take a left before the bridge to reach the area with access. For a map via Google Maps, click here.

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