BAKER PARK (Grants Pass area)

General Description: This newer park provides a good amount of river access to fishing spots despite the fact that it’s located right within the city of Grants Pass, just off Redwood Highway 199. There are restrooms avaliable and three distinct fishing spots. Click here for a map of the Rogue River and guide to area parks, as well as information on kayaking.

Fish: Summer steelhead (August, September, October); fall chinook (August, September, October); winter steelhead (December, January, February, March, April)

How to land'em: Baker Park is home to three different fishing spots. Each area holds different fish at different times of the year and at different water flows. The upper hole, which can be accessed by walking under the Parkway Bridge and going upstream to the pool and riffles just above the rocks, holds both summer and winter steelhead. If the water level is right you can walk out onto the rocks to fish or it can be fished from openings along the bank. Steelhead will hold in the upper hole during low flows when the water is clear. During these conditions the currents are softer and the surface chop offers cover for the wary steelhead. The upper hole can be fished with floats, spoons or spinners or it can be fished by bottom bouncing eggs or yarnballs. The middle hole, located under the Parkway Bridge, is an area where fall chinook salmon can be found. The boils and crossing currents seem to attract and hold salmon — but not steelhead. Salmon can be fished with yarn, salmon eggs or corkies. You will need a heavy weight to get to the bottom where the salmon hold. Plunking or bottom bouncing both work well in the boils. The lower hole, marked on the upper edge by the upstream point of the water plant retaining wall and on the lower edge the cement pilings, holds steelhead during times of high flow and high turbidity. Steelhead hold in this area during high water because the currents are less violent than those in the upper hole allowing them to rest while the irritating silt in the river settles out in the still water. The lower hole can be fished similarly to the upper area, using floats, spoons or spinners, or bottom bouncing yarnballs or bait. In addition this area can be plunked, using a large 2 or 3 oz. weight. The rule of thumb in determining where to look for steelhead is this: The higher the water the lower in the hole. The lower the water the higher in the hole.

— Chuck Closterman , Middle Rogue Steelheaders,

Directions: This park is located right in the middle of Grants Pass, on Redwood Highway 199 northeast of the junction of Highway 99, 199 and 238. Click here for a map of Baker Park via Google Maps.

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