CHINOOK PARK (Grants Pass area)

General Description: This nice little park with a boat ramp is located just a few miles east of Grants Pass along Rogue River Highway 99, downstream of site where Savage Rapids Dam was removed. Boat anglers should remember that there’s a rapid immediately below the ramp. Your passengers need to be a agile and you need to be quick on the oars to get away from the fast water when launching. Good etiquette demands that boat fishermen give way to bank fishermen who may also be fishing the same hole. Click here for a map of the Rogue River and guide to area parks, as well as information on kayaking.

Fish: Summer steelhead (August, September, October); fall chinook (August, September, October); winter steelhead (February, March, April)

How to land'em: Chinook Park is one of those old reliable holes that produce a lot of fish. Anglers can fish this hole for winter steelhead by back-bouncing eggs and yarnballs above the tail-out of a riffle. KwikFish and Hotshots in the same area can work. Winter steelhead tend to show up a little later with March through mid-April being the best producers. Fall chinook can caught in this area primarily during September using F-15 or 16 sized KwikFish in the tail-out area and gradually working upstream with them. Eggs fished near the bottom at the tail-out will also produce fall chinook.

— Mike Cooley, Middle Rogue Steelheaders

Directions: From Grants Pass, follow Rogue River Highway 99 east for 4.4 miles. Turn left on Gordon Way and follow for half a mile. Turn right at Chinook Park Lane. Click here for a map via Google Maps.

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