Local rivers and local music combine in video project
Zach Urness/Daily Courier

Rogue River.

The goal of my new project is to produce videos that give people an idea of what it’s like to run a number of rivers and creeks in Southern Oregon and Northern California, while at the same time using music from local artists to add spice to the footage.

By Zach Urness of the Daily Courier

Today I added to the project that I’ve been working on during the past winter, spring and now into summer.

The goal is to create an archive of videos featuring local rivers while at the same time using music from local artists.

These new videos are something different than what I've done in the past. They’re the first to be shot with one of those cool waterproof cameras that I can stick to my helmet — the benefit being you can see a boat-level view of the rapids. And, of course, they're the first to use music, which proved to be a lot trickier than I expected.

The idea came from a number of local kayakers, most of whom are much better than me, who have been posting their videos to YouTube for quite some time, and often include music. For example, my buddy Will Volpert has been a leader in this field, and you can see his work here.

Part of what I wanted to do was take the example set down by all those great YouTube videos and add a sort of journalistic element to it. Which is to say, I wanted to add some voice-overs and information to the video that details names of rapids, put-in sports and other things people might wonder about.

As with everything new, I’m attempting different things and seeing what works.

If nothing else — even if the quality isn’t as high as I’d like — the project shows what some of these amazing streams look like from the water, along with tossing out some music you might not be aware of.

I won’t ever be able to produce a video as high quality as this one — which I watch every once in a while for inspiration — but the goal, at least, is to try.

Here's links to the four videos I've put together thus far:


Upper Applegate River (middle fork) above the reservoir — music by Darren M. Jahn

Middle Fork Smith River — music by Jon Galfano

Deer Creek (near Selma) — music by Adrian Fringe (local guitar teachers Paul Hendershott and Kamie Clarke)

Illinois River - Deer Creek to Six Mile — music by Darren M. Jahn



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