Rating (Out of 5): 3.0

Price: $35 to $45

Review: The NRS Kicker was the first water shoe that I ever bought, and for its purpose, it works pretty well. Not great, mind you. But pretty well. And for the price that’s fine.

The fabric is the always dependable neoprene, and the sole provides a decent amount of support when walking on rocks and along the shoreline.

Overall, is a good shoe for those who do some mellow kayaking or Tahiti floating on the Rogue River during the summer.

The downside is that it’s simply not very strong. If you’re lugging your raft around portages or carrying your kayak for any amount of distance then it can become frustrating due to the lack of support. The sole is thin and flimsy and not intended for much heavy duty use.

Which is fine. This is a nice first water shoe, just don’t fool yourself into believing that it’s more than it is.

Buy the NRS Kicker here.

— Review by Zach Urness

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