INFLATABLE KAYAK — Advanced Elements Firefly

Rating (Out of 5): 2.5

Price: $150 to $280

Review: Before using an Advanced Elements Firefly inflatable kayak, make sure you know what it can handle, and more importantly, what it can't.

For example, the boat works quite well if you want to haul it into a mountain lake to explore nooks and crannies or do some fishing (though it's not a great fishing kayak by any stretch).

I've enjoyed my boat for just that purpose. It's quite lightweight and doesn't have many moving parts.

However, I probably wouldn't recommend using it on rivers with any decent amount of rapids. It has the tendency to take on a pretty substantial amount of water, and you'll often find yourself bailing out your boat even after running very modest rapids.

The boat becomes even worse in larger rapids, where its ability to take on lots of water often leads to getting swamped and taking a fantastic amount of unnecessary swims, which isn't good for anyone involved. I wouldn't use this boat in rapids in Class III rapids, and it's a hassle even in Class II and I.

The boat is advertised as multi-purpose, but in my option it should be used only on lakes and very easy water. For the price, which isn't cheap, I wouldn't recommend this boat very highly.

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—Review by Zach Urness

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