KETTLE — MSR Titan Titanium

Rating (Out of 5): 3.5

Price: $40-$60

Review: The Titan Titanium Kettle is a very handy piece of equipment for backpacking trips, solo backpacking trips in particular. It's very light and strong, and can serve a number of uses.

Its primary use, of course, is heating water on a campstove, which is important because most backpacking meals, whether freeze dried or rice, begin with boiling water. The Titan can also double as your pot, mug or bowl. I've eaten a number of meals where I simply cook the rice in the Titan, then toss in some veggies or meat for dinner. Not half bad.

It fits well over the flames of any cookstove and the lid fits tightly to prevent spilling hot water — which could be a major bummer when pouring. Another upside is that a can of IsoPro fits almost perfectly inside the Titan, which helps save room in your pack.

But the Titan is not perfect, and has some very clear flaws. My main complaint is that the handles get brutally hot and require some sort of improvised oven mitts/potholders to pick it off the stove. Since most backpackers don't bring oven mitts, this can lead to some awkward pours, and I've burned myself — not seriously — in this process. This problem is made somewhat worse by the loose handles, which don't always allow you to control the boiling hot pot as well as you might like.

The second complaint is that the Titan is really only able to work for one person, and is too small to cook good quantities of food. That said, the small size isn't really the Titan's fault. It serves a specific purpose, and generally does so well.

Overall, the Titan is a good addition to you pack. A better system for pouring would have given it a higher grade, but it's a solid overall choice.

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—Review by Zach Urness

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