Rating (Out of 5): 1.0

Price: $60 to $80

Review: Before I write these reviews, I take the time to look around the Internet, and check out what people have said about a product I’m about to assess.

So it was with the NRS ATB Wetshoe. And the results, in looking at a number of different websites, were largely positive.

The positive reviews were so numerous, in fact, that I was forced to come to one of two conclusions.

1) NRS has somehow found a way to game the review system, either by bribing a vast army to write positive reviews or by concocting some type of computer algorythem that fabricates the reviews.

2) The people that wrote those reviews actually enjoy the process of slipping on a rock, hitting their head and falling into the river.

See, I had the misfortune of actually buying a pair of NRS ATB Wetshoes a while back, because, hey, they look solid and had gotten positive reviews online.

They have a rock-solid sole and a zippered neoprene upper boot. The problem, though, is that in crafting the rock-solid sole NRS apparently forgot about something called traction.

The goal of a good bootie is to have strangth and control when you’re walking or carrying your boat along the edge of a river, usually on wet rocks. The edge of a roaring river is not the safest place ever, so you want as much traction as possible.

The NRS ATB Wetshoe, however, manages to make this process borderline impossible. These shoes have the magic ability to turn wet rocks from a fairly hazerdous surface into one as slippery as black ice.

These boots have absolutely awful traction, and you’d be much better off just using soggy sneakers.

Needless to say, I returned my pair of boots and have rested easier since then.

Maybe I’m missing something here. I suppose it’s possible that I got deficent pair, maybe as a practical joke. But my experience with the NRS ATB Wetshoe was awful, and I wouldn’t recomend them to my worst enemy.

Buy the the NRS ATB Wetshoe here (or not).

— Review by Zach Urness

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