GRIFFIN PARK (Grants Pass area)

General Description: The park south of Grants Pass features picnic sites, beach access, boat ramp, camping and a playground. Day use parking fees are required. There’s a long gravel bar that gives access to plenty of fishing areas. Click here for a map of the Rogue River and guide to area parks, as well as information on kayaking.

Fish: Summer steelhead (August, September, October); fall chinook (August, September, October); winter steelhead (December, January, February, March, April); trout (year-round)

How to land'em: For summer steelhead, anglers will want to walk upstream to Panther Chutes, an easy area to find because its the only prominent riffle in the area and home to salmon spawning beds. When fishing for summer steelhead, anglers will want to fish with imitation salmon eggs that could include Glo Bugs or Pautzke’s single eggs. Fly-anglers can use egg patterns. The best bet is to cast up into the rapids and drift the eggs back down. For winter steelhead, anglers should fish the bottom end of Panther Chutes, in the area where the water transitions from shallow to deeper, and moves less swiftly. Anglers can use yarnballs soaked in Pautzke’s Nectar, small pieces of roe or a nightcrawler with a puffball. Fly-anglers can try egg patterns or nymphs in the same area, depending on the water’s turbidity and flow. Those fishing from a boat often pull plugs through the entire area, downstream to Ferry Park. To catch fall chinook, anglers from the bank should focus on the area below Panther Chutes in the deeper water. Where the river makes a slight bend, there’s a big back eddy where salmon sometimes hold. Bank anglers can use KwikFish or side-drift corkies.

—Troy Whitaker, U-Save Gas and Tackle, Grants Pass

Directions: From Grants Pass, travel south on Redwood Highway 199 about 6.7 miles. Turn right on Riverbank’s Road for 6.2 miles. Turn right on Griffin Park Road to Park entrance. Click here for a map to Griffin Park.

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