TAKELMA PARK (Shady Cove area)

General Description: Located just north of Dodge Bridge, this primitive park offers 40 acres of day use area including a half mile of river frontage. Along with being a popular spot for fly-anglers, the area popular for rafters taking in and out during summer.

Fish: Summer steelhead (July, August, September, October); winter steelhead (late February, March, April, May); sping chinook (May, June, July); trout (year-round)

How to land'em: For summer and winter steelhead, along with trout, the best place to start fishing is above the boat ramp, near the bottom of a riffle. There’s a rock point that sticks out into this fairly quick-moving water and creates an inside seam. Fish are often funneled into this channel when they’re on the move, as the water is shallow on river’s far side. This spot is best known for fly-anglers, who often use heavier stone flies with a dropper such as a nymph. Gear anglers often use silver spoons such as Little Cleos. Spring chinook also are caught in this area, except higher up above the riffle. It’s difficult to get above the riffle on foot, so those fishing spring chinook often do so from drift boats.

—Josh White, Rogue Fly Shop, Grants Pass

Directions: From Grants Pass, follow Interstate 5 heading south for 11.8 miles and exit at Gold Hill. Following Highway 234/Sams Valley Highway northwest from Gold Hill for 13 miles. Turn left at Rogue River Drive, pass Dodge Bridge County Park and continue north to Takelma Park. Click here for a map via Google Maps.

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