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Courier Cam Downtown

The Courier Cam downtown is located at the corner of 6th and G streets on the Wing Building in beautiful downtown Grants Pass. From time to time, we’ll change the direction the camera is pointing.

Please consider donating to our web camera project. Maintaining our webcams is costly due to the equipment, software and bandwidth used. But with more than 200,000 visits per year between our five cameras, we feel they are of great value to the community, promoting our beautiful region and, in the case of our two Humane Society webcams, a truly worthy cause. Our commitment to you is that we will use all of the money raised to fund, and if possible, improve our webcam offerings. Please note, donations to our web camera project are NOT tax deductible.
High-speed Internet provider Hunter Communications has made it possible to support the massive bandwidth requirements for the Daily Courier’s five cameras.

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TommyG 6/26/2019 3:53:48 pm
Have you given any thought to leaving the Downtown Webcam on the It's the Climate sign this Saturday the 29th, from 6am to 10am, so we can watch the maintenance planned that morning? Thanks, TommyG

jerry p 5/27/2019 4:00:34 pm
There is a guy playing Bag Pipe's on the street corner.

GP Native 5/25/2019 10:22:10 am
Thank you once again for making the Memorial Day Parade available for us all to enjoy!

Web Director 5/14/2019 9:15:11 am
Thank you Patti, much appreciated!

Patti Thompson 5/14/2019 5:49:08 am
Thank you for keeping these webcams live. They help sooth my homesickness and bring so much joy! I love seeing how well kept the city is!

Gerald E. Parcel 5/12/2019 11:00:16 am
It was great visiting friends in Grants Pass , the first weekend of May. Beautiful weather & great friends.

Gerald E. Parcel 4/14/2019 10:02:55 am
Hey G..P. I will see you in a couple weeks in May

jerry p 4/5/2019 10:11:58 am
Spring rain.

Web director 2/27/2019 2:25:28 pm
To Steve and Celeste: Thank you for the donations!

jerry p 2/7/2019 8:02:16 am
It looks so "COLD"

jerry p 1/1/2019 11:40:05 am
Its always fun to catch the webcam moving.

jerry p 12/31/2018 5:48:29 am
Happy New Year.

Gerald E. Parcel 12/24/2018 4:13:35 pm
Merry merry Christmas & a happy & prosperous NEW YEAR to all my friends in Grants Pass , Ore, from Kelso , Wash.

jerry p 12/21/2018 6:16:50 am
Merry Christmas all.

Sonja 12/16/2018 2:54:09 pm
Where is the Christmas Cottage??

ron 12/14/2018 4:15:27 pm
I did no that the camera showed three different view. Thank you

Web director 12/14/2018 2:05:27 pm
Ron, All three of the angles this camera captures have some lights in them. Is there a particular display you are talking about that would be visible from 6th and G streets?

ron 12/14/2018 2:00:22 pm
can you turn the camera to to show down town Christmas lights?

Sue 12/7/2018 4:42:48 am
It looks like it's snowing!

Christy Harris Mason 12/6/2018 9:30:13 am
Greetings from South Florida! It's wonderful to see the cold in my hometown...I'm living vicariously through your webcams. Miss the crisp, cool mountain air!

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