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Last Update Thursday, December 8th, 2016
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A-1 Quality Paralegal
Trusts · Wills · Probate · Guardianships Divorce · Custody · Deeds · Adoptions
20 yrs. exp. Will price match.
Lara, 541-474-2260
“Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, Give me Liberty, or give me Death!” Patrick Henry

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includes filing fee
Matt Fawcett - Attorney

Being sexually exploited is never okay - but it is happening in our community. If you are involved or know anyone who is in Prostitution, Human Sex Trafficking or Sexual Exploitation of any kind, call 541-761-7607. All confidential.

Donate refundable bottles & cans
to Boy Scout Troop 22.
Will gladly pick up. (541) 471-9190.

EVERY BUSINESS has a story to tell! Get your message out with California's PRMedia Release - the only Press Release Service operated by the press to get press! For more info contact
Cecelia at 916-288-6011 or
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Legal Documents

Grand Opening - New Office!
10%OFF all services in December
Trusts · Wills · Deeds · Mobile Services
Small Claims · Evictions · Affidavits
Fast, Accurate, Caring Service
Lance or Debra 541-660-9919
We Support Our First Responders

LUNG CANCER? And 60 years old? If so, you and your family may be entitled to a significant cash award. Call 800-920-1286 to learn more. no risk. No money out of pocket. (PNDC).

Notice: To check out an income opportunity you're considering, contact the Oregon Attorney General's Consumer Hotline, 1-877-877-9392, M-F., 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, or visit Consumer information is also avail. on the Federal Trade Commission's website at

Divorce · Wills · Bankruptcy
Call Denise, 541.761.4214

PROTECT your home with fully customizable security and 24/7 monitoring right from your smartphone. Receive up to $1500 in equipment, free (restrictions apply). Call 1-800-413-8573 (PNDC)

Sell your structured settlement or annuity payments for CASH NOW. You don't have to wait for your future payment any longer! 1-800-914-0942 (PNDC)

SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY BENEFITS. Unable to work? Denied benefits? We can help! WIN or Pay Nothing! Contact Bill Gordon & Associates at 1-800-879-3312 to start your application today! (PNDC).

Super Saver Classified Ad
5 Days
3 Lines
= $8.00

Special rate for
private party items
priced up to $1600.

Private parties only. Prices need to be
included in ads. No item substitutes.
Payment in advance required.
$5 for each additional line.
No refunds for early cancellations.

Grants Pass Daily Courier

409 S.E. 7th St., Grants Pass
Visa, MasterCard, Discover
& American Express Welcome.

*** Wedding Ceremonies by Wyn 541-660-6908

***Weddings.Charlie Thorn. Open to all 541-955-3388

XARELTO users, have you had complications due to internal bleeding (after January 2012)? If so, you MAY be due financial compensation. If you don't have an attorney, CALL Injuryfone today! 1-800-594-2107 (PNDC)